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The New Year´s menu is available on 31.12. from 18 to 23.

Green herb salad, marinated tomatoes and spruce shoot pesto M, G
Grilled little gem lettuce and blue cheese sauce L, G
Pickled beetroot and Finnish goat cheese L, G
Chanterelle salad L, G
Celery and apple salad and caramelised cashew nuts L, G
Lightly pickled cucumbers and pickled red onion M, G
Smoked vendace couscous M and citrus yogurt L, G

Prawn from the Arctic Ocean with egg and dill M, G
Cold-smoked salmon, fennel and whitefish roe M, G
Salt cured whitefish and pickled and roasted onion M, G

Potato flatbread from Penttilä farm M
Sour cream L, G, red onion M, G, dill M, G and rainbow trout roe M, G

Bresaola, gremolata and parmesan cheese L, G
Smoked reindeer, sour cream and Finnish Archipelago bread L

Saivo’s Archipelago bread and butter L, G

Fried pikeperch from Lake Miekojärvi with mussel sauce and fennel oil L, G
Charcoal-grilled beef sirloin and matsutake butter L, G
Emmer wheat and cep mushrooms L
Roasted carrots, honey and thyme M, G
Lappish potatoes, browned butter and chives L, G

Assortment of cheeses L, G, crispbread L and gooseberry jam M, G
Lappish cheese and cloudberries L, G
Bilberries, almonds and vanilla cream L, G


68€ / Adult
23€ / Children 7–12 y.
12€ / Children 4–6 y.
Children under the age of 4 eat free


Lapland Hotels Arena & Tampere
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