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Christmas Eve Banquet

Christmas Eve Banquet

Salads with apple-mustard sauce M,G
Pickled red and yellow beetroot with Blue cheese from
Peltolas cheesefactory L, G
Roasted jerusalem artichoke and spruce mayonnaise M,G
Creamy wild mushroom salad  L, G
Apple, celeriac and roasted nut L, G

Smoked salmon, fennel and lingonberry M, G
Cured white fish and  spruce-cured yolk M, G
Cold smoked salmon and pickled cucumber M, G
Shrimp from the Arctic Ocean, egg and dill L, G
Mustard and garlic baltic herring M,G
Potato pancakes  L, G
Sour cream with roe and marinated red onion L, G
Boiled potato, butter and dill L, G
Traditional Finnish ham and mustard M
Mousse made from reindeers liver, red onion jam and
malt crumble L
Beef pastrami and spruce shoot pesto  M, G

Potato flatbread VL, malt bread L and butter L

Sweetened potato casserole L
Swede casserole  M, G
Carrot casserole L, G

Roasted salmon and spruce shoot pesto M, G
Sautéed reindeer, lingonberry and pickles L, G
White turnip from Lapland, carrot and honey  M, G

Assortment of finnish cheeses, cloudberry and nut brioche L
Milk pudding flavoured with meadowsweet and cherry jam L
Bûche de Noël L, G
Chocolate truffle L, G and marmelade M
Christams pastry L
Coffee and tea

72€ / person
Children 7-12yo 28€, 4-6yo 8€, under 4yo 0€