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Christmas lunch available on weekdays from 13.12. to 21.12. at 11.30–14

Little gem lettuce, apple-mustard sauce and deep-fried onion M, G
Smoked vendace Caesar salad and Finnish goat cheese L, G
Creamy wild mushroom salad L, G
Beetroot, blue cheese and soy seasoned with matsutake M, G
Roasted Jerusalem artichoke, salted apple and smoked egg yolk M, G
White turnip and spruce shoot pesto M, G
Marinated red onion M, G
Lightly pickled cucumber M, G

Hot-smoked salmon and pickled sea buckthorns M, G

Lappish puikula potato pancakes and rainbow trout roe L, G
- sour cream and dill L, G

Graved whitefish with chives and whitefish roe M, G
Pickled arctic char with juniper and onion M, G
Baltic herring marinated in mustard M, G
Prawn Skagen L, G

Boiled potatoes with dill and browned butter L, G

Bresaola with parmesan dressing L, G
Reindeer liver mousse and red onion compote L, G

Assortment of bread with butter L

Fried pike-perch from Lake Oulujärvi with fennel and mussel sauce L, G
Sautéed reindeer with lingonberries and pickles L, G
Mashed Lappish puikula potatoes L, G and caramelised carrots M, G

Almonds, cherries and yogurt L, G
Brioche, vanilla cream and sweetgrass-flavoured bilberry jam
Chocolate truffles G
Marmalade M, G
Traditional Finnish Christmas tarts L


62€ / person


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