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Grilled little gem lettuce, spruce shoot pesto and flat-leaf parsley (M, G)
Caesar salad with smoked vendace mayonnaise (M, G)
Croutons (M) 
Lappish puikula potato salad with citrus aioli (M, G)
Roasted pumpkin, pumpkin seeds and goat cheese cream (L,G) 
Smoked reindeer couscous with yogurt sauce (L) 
Wild mushroom salad (L,G) 
Marinated tomatoes and roasted white onion (M, G)

Prawn Skagen and egg (M, G)
Hot-smoked salmon, sea buckthorns and rainbow trout roe (M, G)
Lasimestari pickled salmon (M, G)
Pickled red onion (M, G)
Grilled and marinated cucumber (M, G)

Bresaola, Finnish goat cheese and gremolata (L,G) 

Grilled potato flatbread from Kuusamo and butter seasoned with herbs and garlic (L) 

Fried arctic char with mussel sauce (L,G) 
Sautéed reindeer, mashed Lappish puikula potatoes, Lappish lingonberries and pickles (L,G) 
Emmer wheat, porcini mushrooms and parmesan (L) 
Roasted broccolini and matsutake soy (M, G)

Lappish cheese and cloudberries (L,G)
Blueberries, almond and vanilla cream (G)