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Grilled little gem lettuce and spruce shoot pesto (M, G)
Herb salad with smoked vendace mayonnaise (M, G)
Croutons (M)
Roasted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds (M, G)
Potato salad (M, G)
Chanterelle salad (L, G)
Barley, beetroot and kale (M)
Fennel salad and yogurt dressing (L, G)
Beetroot hummus (M, G)
Marinated red onion (M, G)
Lightly pickled cucumber (M, G)

Prawn from the Arctic Ocean with egg and dill (M, G)
Gravlax, rainbow trout roe and dill (M, G)
Pickled Arctic char, fennel and onion (M, G)

Smoked reindeer mousse and toasted Finnish Archipelago bread (L)
Bresaola and gremolata (M, G)

Potato flatbread and whipped butter (L)

Arctic char poached in crayfish cream with fennel oil (L, G)
Sautéed reindeer, mashed Lappish potatoes, Lappish lingonberries and pickled cucumber (L, G)
Grilled broccolini with kale pesto (M, G)
Emmer wheat, pumpkin and Finnish goat's cheese (L)


Lappish cheese and bilberry jam seasoned with sweetgrass (L, G)
Cloudberry tiramisu (L)


Adults 65 €
Child 7-12y 21 €
Child 4-6y 11 €
Child under 4y 0 €