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Grilled romaine lettuce, flat-leaf parsley, and fried onions (M, G)
Herb salad and smoked whitefish mayonnaise (M, G)
Croutons (M)
Roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds (M, G)
Herb couscous and spruce shoot yogurt (L, G)
New potato salad (M, G)
Roasted broccoli and domestic goat cheese (L, G)
Dried tomatoes, asparagus, and citrus aioli (M, G)
Marinated red onions (M, G)
Grilled and marinated cucumbers (M, G)

Arctic shrimp (M, G)
Cold-smoked salmon, rainbow trout roe, and dill (M, G)
Sugar-salted whitefish and morel mushrooms (M, G)
Pickled grayling, fennel, and onions (M, G)
Bresaola, Finnish goat cheese and gremolata (L,G)
Grilled potato flatbread from Kuusamo and butter seasoned with herbs and garlic (L) 

Smoked reindeer mousse and toasted archipelago bread (L)

Potato flatbread and whipped butter (L)

Pan-fried perch from Lake Miekojärvi, mussels, and spring onion oil (L, G)
Sautéed reindeer, crushed fingerling potatoes, Lappish lingonberries, and pickles (L, G)
Grilled early cabbage and kale pesto (L, G)
Spring vegetables and browned butter (L, G)

Squeaky cheese with bilberry jam flavored with woodruff (L, G)
Rhubarb and vanilla-yogurt foam (L, G)
Lingonberry financier (L, G)


Adults 65 €
Child 7-12y 21 €
Child 4-6y 11 €
Child under 4y 0 €