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Box menu

To start

Tasting menu 30 L
- Changing selection of savoury appetisers made with northern ingredients

Lappish puikula potato pancakes, smetana and vendace roe 21 L

Little gem lettuce and marinated tomatoes with spruce shoot and garlic croutons 22 L, G
- You can also choose hot-smoked salmon or Lappish cheese
- Sourdough bread and whipped butter L

Snacks 8 L, G
- Lappish puikula potato crisps, reindeer crisps and sour cream sauce seasoned with spruce shoots

Main courses

Reindeer black sausage, reindeer frankfurters and creamy salad with Lappish puikula potatoes 19 L
- Lingonberry jam and mustard mayonnaise
- Sourdough bread and whipped butter L

Smoked reindeer lasagne 26 L
- Tomato-onion salad and goat cheese
- Sourdough bread and whipped butter L

Sautéed reindeer with mashed Lappish puikula potatoes, lingonberries and pickles 33 L, G 

Creamy salmon soup L, G, organic rye bread M and butter L, 19

Soy wok and spruce teriyaki with a leaf cabbage and onion stir fry 18
- Herbed rice

Reindeer kebab Lappish puikula potato fries and cabbage salad 24
- Tomato sauce, yogurt and pickled chili

To finish

Local cheeses, crispbread with herbs and lingonberry jam 14 L

Cloudberries, yogurt and roasted white chocolate 8

Buttermilk-blueberry panna cotta 8 L, G
- Blueberry jam and oat crumble

In addition

3-course surprise menu using Lapland’s best ingredients 80
- The chef will finish the dishes in the box