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Box menu

The same main course for the entire party. 

Smoked reindeer lasagna with beetroots and tomato and onion salad EUR 26 L
Elk meatballs in a creamy game sauce with almond potato mash and lingonberries EUR 26 L
Sautéed reindeer with mashed almond potatoes, lingonberries and pickles EUR 33 L, G

Creamy salmon soup L, G, organic rye bread M and butter EUR 19 L

Rack of reindeer with game sauce EUR 70 L, G
Reindeer ragù with celeriac puree and pickled lingonberries
Warm almond potato salad

The chef will finalise the dish at the table.

In addition to the main course:
– Reindeer black sausage with lingonberry jam EUR 9 L

The main courses are served with 
spruce sprout focaccia and browned butter L

Little gem lettuce, roasted and pickled vegetables and dill mayonnaise EUR 22, L, G
You can also choose warm-smoked salmon or Finnish oven-baked cheese

Buckwheat pancake, sour cream, onion and pickles EUR 14/pancake L
– Vendace roe from Kitka EUR 6, M, G

Tasting menu EUR 29 L
Changing selection of savoury appetisers made with northern ingredients

To accompany the appetisers:
– Red king grab from Bugøynes, bread and aioli 150 g/EUR 31 or 300 g/EUR 51 L
Salads, appetisers and pancakes are served with
spruce sprout focaccia and browned butter L

Small bites EUR 8 M, G
Almond potato and reindeer crisps, reindeer salami, cashew nuts, carrot and root vegetable hummus

Local cheeses, crispbread with herbs and cloudberry jam EUR 12 L
Cloudberries with roasted white chocolate EUR 8  
Buttermilk and blueberry panna cotta with almonds EUR 8 L, G