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Mother's Day Buffet


The Mother's Day buffet is served from 12:30 to 17:00.

Adults 62€,
7 - 12 years 14€,
4 - 6 years 6€,
under 4 years 0€

Green herb salad with mustard and spruce tip sauce M, G
Caesar salad with croutons L
Iceberg salad, Finnish blue cheese and deep-fried onion L, G
Grilled broccolini and Finnish goat cheese L, G
Tomato and onion salad with Finnish mozzarella L, G
Marinated asparagus and citrus aioli M, G
Couscous salad M and yoghurt sauce L, G
Smoked reindeer and new potato salad with spring onions M, G

Hot-smoked salmon, lightly pickled cucumbers and creamy dill sauce M, G
Arctic prawns M, G
Salmon pastrami and fennel M, G
Rainbow trout roe M, G and sour cream L, G
Smoked pike M, G and whitefish with juniper M, G 
Bresaola, pickled chili and parmesan cheese L, G

Bread selection M and churned butter L, G

Fried whitefish and gremolata M, G
Whole grilled beef sirloin and bearnaise sauce L, G
Spring vegetables M, G
Emmer wheat and asparagus L

Selection of Finnish cheeses with garnishes L, G
Strawberry and cream cake L, G
Milk pudding, rhubarb jam and oat crumble L, G


Vegetables M, G with yoghurt dip L, G
Fried salmon M, G
Meatballs and cream sauce L
Frankfurters L, G and French fries M, G
Mashed Lappish puikula potatoes L, G

Waffles, strawberry jam and vanilla ice cream