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Laawu menu


Lappi snacks  8  L, G 
Lappish puikula potato and reindeer crisps with spruce shoot dip

Northern tacos  16 L, G
Reindeer, mustard seeds and Finnish goat cheese
Deep water prawn, lime and red chili pepper
Smoked Arctic char, dill mayonnaise and spring onion

Arctic char salad 18  L, G 
Grilled little gem lettuce, warm-smoked Arctic char, dill mayonnaise, marinated new potatoes, egg and spring onion

Veggie burger  19
Brioche bun, crispy veggie patty, Laawu ketchup, garlic mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion, Lappish puikula potato fries and cucumber relish

Laawu Burger  20
Brioche bun, Lappish beef patty, spruce shoot cheddar, Laawu ketchup, garlic mayonnaise and pickled cucumber, Lappish puikula potato fries and cucumber relish

Poro Iskender  20 L
Reindeer kebab, grilled garlic bread, marinated spring greens, Laawu ketchup, Lappish puikula fries and cucumber relish 

Rhubarb and white chocolate  6
Grilled rhubarb compote, roasted white chocolate mousse and oat crumble




Lapin Kulta Pure 4,5%, Organic Lager 9,50/50cl
Maltti IPA 5,3%  10/50cl

Bottle / Can

Heineken 5,0%, Lager  7,60/33cl
Lumi 4,5%, Ale  8,90/33cl
Malla, Wildberry Sour 4,0%  8,90/33cl
Pyynikin Mosaic Lager 4,7%  9,70/50cl
Pyynikin Cloudberry Saison 3,5%  9,70/50cl
Krusovice Cerne 3,8%, Dark Lager  9,50/50cl
Krusovice Imperial 5%, Pils 10,50/50cl
Guinness 4,2%, Stout  10,50/44cl
Lahden Erikois Vehnä 5,0%, Wheat beer  10,50/50cl

Strongbow 5%, Dry Apple Cider  8,70/33cl
Original Long Drink 5,5 %  8,20/33cl
Original Long Drink Cranberry 5,5%  8,20/33cl
Hilla Cloudberry Long Drink 5,0%  10/33cl


Bosco dei Cirmiole Spumante  43,00/75cl  9,60/12cl
Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne  21,50/20cl
Callia Alta Chardonnay - Torrontes 43,00/75cl 10,20/16cl
Schmitges Grauschiefer Riesling 59/75cl  13,80/16cl
Domaine Houchart Rosé 52,00/75cl  12,20/16cl
Callia Alta Syrah-Malbec 43,00/75cl  10,20/16cl
Heartland Spice Trader 59,00/75cl  13,80/16cl


Cloudberry Sangria 12 / 32
Lapponia Cloudberry, Bosco Spumante, cloudberry juice, 7up

Lingonberry Spirit   14 / 38
Shaman’s Lingonberry Vodka, Spirit of Lapland Sweetgrass Vodka, lingonberry-sweetgrass juice, Red Soda

Bilberry GT  14
Tanqueray Gin, bilberry syrup, tonic water