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Father's day

Father's day menu


Menu 60 €, 7–12 yo 14 €, 4–6 yo 6 €, under 4 yo 0 €

Green salad, iced fennel and salted apple M, G
Caesar salad with herb and garlic croutons L
Tomato and onion salad M, G
Roasted broccolini, carrot hummus and Finnish goat’s cheese L, G
Couscous salad seasoned with spruce shoot pesto M
Smoked reindeer and Lappish puikula potato salad with spruce mayonnaise M, G
Hot-smoked salmon with grilled lemon and dill creme M, G
Shrimp from the Arctic Ocean with aioli L, G
Lappish puikula potato pancakes L
Rainbow trout roe and smetana L, G
Lightly pickled cucumber M, G
Pickled red onion M, G
Smoked pike M, G and whitefish with juniper M, G
Beef tartare and egg yolk cured with spruce M, G
Assortment of bread with butter


Fried pikeperch from Lake Oulujärvi with crayfish sauce and fennel oil L, G
Sautéed reindeer, mashed Lappish puikula potatoes, lingonberry and pickles L, G
Roasted root vegetables with spruce oil M, G


Gateau L, G
Lappish cheese with cloudberries and spruce shoots L, G
Sea buckthorn and white chocolate tiramisu

Children's buffet

Veggies with yogurt dip L, G
Fried pikeperch L, G
Meatballs and cream sauce L
Mashed Lappish puikula potatoes L, G


Waffles and vanilla ice cream L